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Institut Teknologi Pertama (ITP) was established in 1986 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. ITP then moved into a new and integrated campus in Mantin, Negeri Sembilan along with two other Institutes and one University-College. Since its inception, ITP continues to excel in four major areas of expertise: Engineering, Information Technology, Built Environment & Architecture, and Business & Accounting.

ITP emerged as the first college in Malaysia to offer Edexcel Higher Education Diploma in 1991, thus pioneering in the higher education of technical and vocational studies in Malaysia. ITP charged ahead further in collaborating its degree programmes with established universities in the United Kingdom such as University of East London (UEL), Coventry University, Leeds Beckett University and University of Bolton.

It is with much pride, that ITP acknowledges its students for their outstanding achievements in Engineering and Architecture projects, which they have been awarded through their participation in local and international competitions with the guidance of its dedicated and top-class academic staff.

Its Mantin Campus also known as the Linton Campus is located 50km away from Kuala Lumpur and is nestled in a well-planned and spaciously landscape that has the capacity to accommodates up to 25,000 students across various faculties.

All these securely provides the Engineering, Information Technology, Business and Architecture students with the 21st century educational needs.

Our campus comprises:

  • 15 lecture halls
  • 126 lecture/tutorial rooms
  • 10 exam hall/room
  • 19 computer laboratories
  • 11 electrical and electronic engineering laboratories
  • 8 mechanical engineering laboratories
  • 5 civil engineering laboratories
  • 2 technical drawing studios
  • 3 quantity surveying studios
  • 18 architectural drafting studios, a 2388m2 library (including a digital library that gives student access to thousands of online publications and journals).

On a more personal level, ITP students are managed with utmost care and respect with the aid of our Student Affairs Department and the International Student Office which sees to their counselling and career guidance, and activities that promote leadership qualities and teamwork values.

ITP provides affordable accommodation around the campus ground for outstation and international students, managed by its very own Hostel Management along with a 24-hour security service in order to keep its students feeling at home thus providing them with the best environment to perform and excel in their studies.

The campus also offers transport and an in-house clinic, a cafe and sporting facilities.

With the aspiration to contribute to the development of human capital in critical areas and to be one of the key players in providing quality higher education in Malaysia and in the region, ITP aims to provide the best environment, facilities, support and guidance for both its local and international students to shine in an all-rounded development, subsequently aiming to achieve the recognition as Malaysia’s finest engineering and technical education institution.

This is in support of the Malaysian Government’s plan in the development of the country as a Centre of Educational Excellence in the region of Southeast Asia.

Our Vision

To be a reputable group of colleges, producing quality graduates at a competitive level in line with the national educational philosophy. this is visible

Our Mission

To produce competent, knowledgeable and highly skilled graduates who have the entrepreneurship awareness and the will to strive for excellence.

Educational Goals

Provide quality academic programme that are industry relevant and tandem with the nation educational development.

To produce holistic and knowledgeable graduates equipped with ethics and professionalism that is vital for their competency.

To generate graduates with strong entreprenuerial mindset and innovative capabilities essential for nation enterprising development.

To strive for excellent human capital development and provide opportunities for continous lifelong learning.

To nurture good citizenship and quality leadership graduates with high communicative capability in respective fraternity.

CEO's Foreword

Greetings Everyone!

Welcome to Pertama Institute of Technology/Institut Teknologi Pertama (ITP) and thank you for visiting our website. It is with great pleasure that we present to you an overview on our college.

ITP was established in 1986 and it is located in Mantin, Negeri Sembilan. Here, we provide a conducive and unique atmosphere on campus and we know it will make your time at ITP a special and highly memorable experience.

As a student at ITP, you will acquire, together with the vital knowledge in the chosen subject, an affordable education; you can also acquire practical skills which will help you to rival successfully at the job market locally and internationally.

Our goal is to educate you to being a skilful person with world-class qualification and to give you the opportunity to spread your wings within an exciting environment.

We offer a variety of programmes from foundation studies, certificates, diplomas to honours degrees which are accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA), or other relevant professional bodies and approved by the Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia. The programmes that we offer covers the fields of Engineering, Architecture, Quantity Surveying, Information and Communication Technology, Business and Accounting, Graphic and Applied Arts.

At the heart of ITP's curriculum are three basic principles: that students are to actively participate in relevant learning and knowledge; that acquiring soft skills is as important as mastering factual knowledge; and that learning requires opportunities for experience such as internship and industry visits which offer the opportunities for students to apply their knowledge in real world application. We designed our programmes by academically benchmarking against international experience and also aligned with industry requirements.

The Institution provides you a conducive learning environment with well experienced and professional lecturers handling the subjects in the class rooms. Pastoral care is our prime focus in order for the student to get a positive and friendly environment to complete his/her education with excellence. Well organised and exciting student clubs such as the student representative council, cultural clubs, societies and other various academic associations, support the students to excel in their skills.

Exploring into our website will provide you insightful information and exciting prospects of our institution. This will give you a wider angle of knowledge to decide on your academic and career pathway.

We are excited to receive you as a part of our successful family.

Rahiza bt Ranom
Pertama Institute of Technology

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